Welcome to Rondvassbu 

Winter season 2022

Opening date: 4th of March.

Closing date: 18th of April. 

Summer season 2022

Opening date: 17th of June

Closing date: 18th of September

Rondvassbu is located in the middle of Rondane National Park, at the south end of the lake Rondevatnet. The lodge is surrounded with tempting peaks and is a great starting point for hiking. The black peak, Svartnuten, towers behind the lodge, and behind it you will find peaks over 2000 meters - Storronden, Vinjeronden, and the highest of them all, Rondslottet (2178 m). 

Rondvassbu was built in 1903, bought by DNT in 1929, and is now the largest DNT lodge in Rondane. Since then, it has been expanded and remodelled several times. 

Public transport

Take bus from Otta train station up to the parking lot at Spranget. 

Passenger ferry 

The ferry Rondejenta takes you over the lake Rondvatnet.                                

Bike rental

Rent a bike from the parking lot and cycle the 6 km in to Rondvassbu.

Travel with train

Take the train to Otta or Hjerkinn to hike in Rondane                                 

Hiking in Rondane 

In Rondane you will find a lot of great summit hikes. Rondvassbu is perfect as a base for daily hikes for several of the 2000 meter peaks, and is also a natural place to stay the night if you take the round tour through Rondane.

Facilities: The lodge has 128 beds, divided in two-bunk rooms, four-bunk rooms and dormitories. All bunks have duvets and pillows with covers. Please use your own sheet sack. Sheet sacks and bedsheets are also available for rent at the reception desk. 

In the main building, there's hot and cold water, and the lodge has a diesel generator (220vVAC). Nonetheless, it's wise to have a torch in your pack, because the generator is turned off around 23.00 in the evening. Toilets, showers and a drying room are located in a separate building. 

Rondvassbu has a serving licence for beer and wine. 

Seasons: Rondvassbu is staffed from the first weekend in March until Easter is over, as well as through the summer. In the off season during the rest of the year, you will find self-service lodging at Rondvassbu with 26 bunks, available by using the DNT cabin key. NOTE: Each year, both the staffed lodge and the self-service quarters are closed from 1th of May until 10th of June, due to the wild reindeer calving season. 

Extended stays of two days or more in season may be booked directly at the lodge. If you want to book off season, please contact the hosts to book stays. The lodge is sometimes overbooked, contact the host to find out if there are any beds available. Nonetheless, everyone who arrives will have a place to sleep. 


Summer: By car, drive towards Otta city.  About 500 meters south of Otta on E6 you will find the exit towards Mysuseter. At Mysuseter drive towards the parking lot called Spranget. This is a toll road and cost 40,- NOK. It’s 6 km from the parking lot at Spranget to Rondvassbu and takes about 1,5 hour of walking. If you travel with train to Otta in the high season, you can take a bus from Otta to Spranget. You find the link to the bus schedule for train and bus at the top of this page. If you are traveling in the low season we recommend taxi from Otta. To order taxi please call  +47 61 23 05 01 or maxitaxi  +47 90 90 30 24. 

Winter: By car, drive towards Otta city. About 500 meters south of Otta on E6 you will find the exit towards Mysuseter. At Mysuseter you can park at Letruds Parkering (costs around NOK 30 per day). From the first week of March through Easter, there is a 11 km staked route to the lodge. The first two kilometers up Tjønnbakken are quite steep. The rest of the track is in easy terrain. The tour takes three to four hours, depending on your pace and the size of your packing. 


Thank you for visiting our web page, we hope you will come visit us in Rondane Nationalpark and se the fantastic nature combined with good food and friendly people. Welcome.